Wasp and Mosquito Control

Wasp control

Growing to about 15mm in length, Paper Wasps should not be confused with their more aggressive look-a-like, the European Wasp. Paper Wasps have orange antennae, not black, a more slender body and nest above ground.

Adult wasps are attracted to water and sugary substances produced by many flowering plants. Wasps are most prevalent in summer and many die in colder weather.

Termitrust offers wasp control and wasp removal solutions, depending on the type of problem you are experiencing.

To limit wasp problems and infestation you should:

  • Keep children and pets away from wasp nests
  • If wasps are prevalent, make sure drinks & other beverages are served in clear glass or cups as wasps often enter open cans and bottles, and can be very harmful if swallowed
  • Keep areas dry by eliminating standing water, fixing leaking taps, removing all sources of free water (particularly important in hot weather)
  • If possible, reduce the number of flowering plants in the garden, as many wasps are nectar-feeders and this will encourage them to go elsewhere for food

Mosquito control

Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance because of biting, they are known disease carriers so mosquito control solutions can be most important for your family.

Mosquitoes lay eggs where they can find water in gutters, pools, puddles, wetlands and wherever water is present. The female needs to eat protein for her eggs to develop and, as we all know, human blood is a good source.

Termitrust will identify breeding sources and provide mosquito control and mosquito treatments as well as giving recommendations about future pest control.

To reduce mosquito numbers you should:

  • Screen windows, doors and water tanks Empty all containers that might collect water such as pot plant saucers, guttering, tins, tyres and other potential reservoirs
  • Use a repellent in the open environment, especially at dusk
  • Wear long sleeves if mosquitoes are present