Rodent and Spider Control

Rodent control

Rodents live in the same environments as humans making rodent management solutions important and popular. They eat our scraps and live in our buildings and can produce many litters of offspring each year. Their numbers build up because we are often careless about hygiene and in winter they will move indoors.

They often carry disease so rodent control is important to your family.

Rats and mice are most active at night and not often seen during the day. They chew objects to keep their incisor teeth short and this can include electrical wiring creating dangerous situations in the home.

As they can detect chemicals in food, they can also become ‘bait shy’ making home solutions ineffective. Professional rodent control solutions are the only reliable way to control these rodents.

Termitrust carefully inspect your home to determine the reasons for any build up with attention given to:

  • The need to block entry points
  • Attention to hygiene and sanitation
  • What baits to use

To make life hard for rodents you should:

  • Refrain from leaving scraps of food inside or outside your home
  • Refrain from leaving dirty food utensils out overnight
  • Refrain from providing hiding and nesting places under and around the house
  • Remove overhanging branches from your home
  • Keep your gardens snail free because snails are a dietary delight for rats
  • Clean up fallen palm berries

Spider control

Some spiders have dangerous bites but the most common problem for home owners is usually their webs.
The first step towards spider control is to identify the species and extent of the problem with an inspection of your home.

Direct application of chemicals to the web locations is better than general pest control spraying. Spider removal is also an option.

To reduce spiders you should:

  • Change the type of outdoor lighting to reduce insect numbers and therefore the proliferation of spiders
  • Clear and dispose of all garden rubbish to reduce nesting opportunities – hunting spiders use less webs than others
  • Check inside garages and sheds to keep breeding down
  • Use plant pots without a lip around the top rim