Mosquito pest control: when to do it and how it works

The annoying hum and an unbearable itch: are these the memories of your summer? Mosquito pest control is the perfect solution to enjoy the beautiful season, both at home and in your garden.

As every year, with the arrival of the warmer months, mosquitoes, especially tiger mosquitoes, return thirsty for blood and torment your days. How much did you invest in useless remedies last year? Repellents, essential oils and anti-mosquito plants can help you annoy them, but they are not enough to solve the problem.

Anti-mosquito treatment is not a service that only companies and municipalities can require. You too can choose to rely on professional and effective solutions. You can disinfest your house and garden to get back to enjoying your space. Let’s see together when to do mosquito pest control and how it works.

Mosquito pest control: when to do it?

Mosquitoes have already been active since the first months of spring, as soon as temperatures become milder, around 15-20 degrees. So, as early as March, while you dream of coming back to enjoy your free time in the open air, they too are getting ready to party with you.

Mosquitoes love to bite you and suck your blood, but it’s not just annoyance and itchiness. Unfortunately, there is a risk of exposing yourself to diseases that these insects can transmit.

Temporary solutions against mosquitoes, such as sprays and lemongrass candles, are unfortunately palliative, which do not guarantee your safety and that of your loved ones.

So, you should start thinking about requesting mosquito pest control as early as the beginning of March, or as soon as temperatures drop.

Tiger mosquito pest control

Among the different species of mosquitoes present in Italy, the tiger mosquito is the most fearsome. It is very aggressive and, unlike the common mosquito, it is not active only at dawn and during dusk, but it does its best to annoy you all day long.

The tiger mosquito has spread quickly because its eggs are able to withstand drought and low temperatures. For this reason, it is good practice to act to eliminate them even in late winter, with special treatments.

Egg-specific tiger mosquito pest control is the most effective solution. It consists in locating colonies of mosquitoes and eliminating them with the use of gradual release insecticides.

The disinfestation treatment on adult specimens, on the other hand, has an important impact on the environment, because it takes place in spring and risks also affecting flowers and plants.

This is why, if you want to obtain an effective and targeted anti-mosquito treatment, it is always better to rely on professionals. Specialized companies are able to analyze rooms and gardens, to decide which is the most suitable and economical type of personalized treatment.

How much does mosquito pest control cost?

The cost of mosquito pest control varies according to the characteristics that each situation may present. Factors affecting the price include the number of treatments required, the size of the area to be treated and its characteristics: the presence of water stagnation, sewerage pits, drains, etc..

As we have just seen for the tiger mosquito, the treatments can be of 2 types: on mosquito eggs or specific for adult specimens. Usually, the disinfestation on mosquito eggs is less economical, because it requires a more in-depth study in the research and localization of the colonies present.

Therefore, giving you a precise cost is difficult, because it also depends on the type of product used in the pest control and, consequently, on the tariffs that the different companies decide to apply.

The approximate cost for mosquito pest control of a garden of about 50 square meters, could vary from 50 to 70 euros.

The advantages of professional pest control

Now you know that the mosquitoes are always there, even in winter, waiting for the temperatures to get favorable to start their raids. Investing in professional mosquito pest control is not prohibitive and is the best strategy to adopt, even as a private individual, to enjoy the outdoors. In fact, with an anti-mosquito treatment you can:

  1. Save on the purchase of less effective products, such as sprays and electrical plates, plants and essential oils.
  2. Reduce the expense of soothing ointments to treat mosquito bites.
  3. Eliminate the risk of intoxication with chemical insecticides you don’t know how to distribute and when to use.
  4. Enjoy the freedom to live in peace in your own space.

Mosquito pests – do it yourself – are of little use and if they are not natural, they can create problems of intoxication and allergies. Rely on experts and solve the problem: avoid further unnecessary nuisance.

Mosquito pest control: how it works

Relying on a specialized professional is always the best choice, because it offers you certified and effective solutions. However, it may be the first time you have tried to contact a pest control company, or you have already done so, but you are not satisfied.

Immediately Disinfestazioni Cattolica is made up of a team of experienced specialists and you can understand this right away, because they follow a proven process following thousands of operations:

  1. Free inspection to assess the area of intervention.
  2. In-depth study of the type of mosquito that is infesting your garden or your premises.
  3. Detailed estimate specifying the products that will be used, the modalities and the duration of the intervention.
  4. Programming of the intervention, so that the environmental conditions enhance its duration over time. In addition, you can choose a scheduled service of annual pest control interventions.

Each mosquito pest control operation is designed to guarantee you the least possible discomfort and offer you maximum safety for those who will live in the treated areas.

The best solution for mosquito pest control is to rely on experienced professionals. Do you want to live in the open air free from mosquito bites? Contact us without obligation and change the face of your summer.