Mite-Alert / Background Information

Background Information

House dust mite allergen (HMDA) is a common environmental trigger for asthma, rhinitis and eczema. Over 85% of people with asthma are sensitive to this allergen. The ActivAllergy philosophy is that if you can find specific “hotspots” of high allergen levels in your home, then you can take appropriate steps to remove these allergens and provide a healthier and safer indoor environment.

Many people have high levels of dust mite allergens in their homes. Dust mite allergens are proteases, chemicals that dust mites and all living organisms produce to help them break down and digest proteins. Dust mites use proteases to help digest their main food source – human skin. These proteases are excreted by dust mites, and can cause or trigger asthma and allergic reactions when inhaled.

While many people try to reduce allergen levels in the home, a big problem is knowing exactly where allergens are located. Dust mites thrive in warm, dark, humid environments such as beds and soft furnishings but until now, there has been no easy and reliable way of detecting dust mite allergen “hot spots”.

ActivAllergy Mite-Alert is an easy-to-use monitoring system designed for home use that enables testing for levels of house dust mite allergens. Results are available within fifteen minutes – alerting users to the exact location of problem allergen levels. Wherever high levels are found, recommended methods can be used to reduce them. ActivAllergy Mite-Alert also allows verification that allergen levels have actually been reduced once these measures have been taken. With routine monitoring a healthy home environment can be maintained.

For the first time, ActivAllergy Mite-Alert provides allergy sufferers with a simple device that allows them to complement their medication with an environmental monitoring and control regime to minimise potential suffering from allergic reactions.

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