Cape York Sustainable Futures Inc And More

Cape York Sustainable Futures Inc.

Cape York Sustainable Futures Inc. (CYSF) previously Cape York Peninsula Development Association Inc (CYPDA Inc) was formed in 1987 to provide an independent forum to promote the development of Cape York Peninsula, an area covering 137,000 sq. kms. in one of Australia’s most remote regions. Our group is apolitical, cross-sectional and considered a pioneer of community driven representation.

It provides an open forum for debate and is the only organisation in the Peninsula to which everyone can belong and where everyone can have their say, with members coming from a cross section of the community including Indigenous people, pastoralists, small business owners, tourism operators, agricultural, community organisations, conservationists and local government.

CYSF advocates for enhanced quality of life through the most appropriate means for Peninsula residents and lobbies governments to enable legislative change in order to achieve this goal for the Cape York community.

We focus on building a cohesive empowered community with a vibrant diverse economy, strong social infrastructure that will help create a wealthy community and one where effective management of the environment provides for now and the future generations.

Pond Apple Survey and Control

Pond apple has spread throughout the east coast of CYP and on to some of the islands located within Torres Strait. The group has undertaken several programs for the management of this weed within our defined area. A survey encompassing the entire east coast of the Cape was completed in June 2008. This survey was undertaken with an R44 helicopter and covered approximately 900 kilometres of coast line. This survey has given the group the ability to target strategic infestations along the coastline.

Roadside spraying program

Road side priority weeds

CYWAFAP implements an effective roadside spraying program, the roadside spraying program is great chance for our pest officers to look for new emerging weeds. A high number of pest plants are transferred through vehicle movements, please make sure you encourage everyone to use the wash down at Lakeland and or other designated wash down areas. Gamba grass, Sicklepod/