Bird Management

Termitrust is aware that bird control is an extremely sensitive area of pest management. Birds are beautiful animals but sometimes, due to the activities of humans, they become pests in various situations.

Problems Associated with Birds

Birds tend to roost and nest in all types of buildings; whatever the design. This is usually a seasonal occurrence when the breeding cycle commences.

Bird droppings can deface buildings, walkways, air conditioning units, hand railings and other highly visible items, which do not simply look unattractive but can contribute to health problems.

Birds are hosts for bird lice and bird mites, and the latter become occasional pests of humans. Once the young have left the nested areas these external parasites also leave in search of food.

Bird droppings harbour diseases such as Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis and Aspergillosis fungus. When the spores become airborne they can be inhaled by those nearby. The symptoms can develop into a serious illness. Pigeons are the main offenders because of their roosting habits.

The control of birds must be treated responsibly and with caution. We, as humans, have created the environments that are conducive to bird infestations, harbouring and roosting. As a consequence, there are many control and preventative measures that can be implemented. As such, each method must be considered in terms of appropriateness for the specific situation.

Control Methods

Bird baiting: This is a controlled exercise that must be conducted by a professional. This requires the pre feeding of birds for up to 14 consecutive days then on the final day an immobilizing agent is used to pacify the birds where they can be readily removed from the site.

Trapping: This method must be carried out in a controlled environment where the birds cannot be disrupted by daily activities. Suitable feed is placed at the target area and then, gradually, over the ensuing week or so different cage components are introduced until completion. Once the bird has entered the cage it cannot escape until removed by a Termitrust pest technician.

Shooting: Due to some bird species being classified as pests or vermin, it is legal to set up a culling program to alleviate the current infestation at a site. This procedure is considered as a final action when other options cannot be implemented.

Preventative Methods

Bird spikes: Can be installed along framework, walls, pipes and other items to control birds from roosting.

Bird netting: Come in different sizes depending on bird species. This is used to prevent birds from coming into unwanted areas.

Bird wire and coils: Similar to bird spikes preventing birds from roosting on wider ledges. This system can also be electrified to induce a shock.

Daddi long legs: These are long, think, wavy, stainless steel rods used in situations such as lights, air conditioning units and other flat surfaces.

A Termitrust representative will explain all options and provide detail regarding all alternative methods applicable to your requirements.