Ant and Termite Control in Newport News

Ant control

For the best in Newport News ant control, you can rest easy knowing that Mares Exterminating is a simple phone call away. For many of us, ants are a simple nuisance that, in small groups, simply disappear on their own. However, when left to their own devices, ants can form a very well-organized, efficient, and extensive colony, doing great damage to your property and even presenting potential health risks to those living in the home.

With over thirty years experience in the industry, we specialize in helping you eliminate ants from your property for good, stopping the source of the problem rather than just dealing with the symptoms. A member of the National Pest Control Association, we’re 100% committed to customer satisfaction, and are fully licensed and insured for your protection. In fact, we take great pains to find technicians that are not only skilled and courteous, but have passed rigorous training and background checks before becoming members of our elite team.

When quality Newport News ant control is your first priority, it pays to make Mares Exterminating your first line of defense. We understand the business, inside and out, and make every effort to eliminate your problem with a minimum of expense or inconvenience. All of our solutions are safe, non-toxic to humans and pets, and designed to deal with your pest problem in a humane yet effective way. Call today to schedule your free consultation, and get rid of your home’s ant infestation problem for good!

Termite control

When you need Newport News termite control, you can’t afford to hesitate, or to put off the treatment you need to vanquish your property of pests for a single day. At Mares Exterminating, we’ve seen firsthand for over 30 years the amount of damage a termite colony can do, eating through the internal construction of your home, sometimes even threatening the stability of support beams and other structural necessities. Since termites reproduce at a rapid rate, the sooner you deal with the issue the better.

However, eliminating the presence of a destructive colony is only part of the battle. Since these particular pests often return to a previous place of residence, unless the appropriate steps are taken, you might find yourself playing host to an all new set of intruders in less than a year. That’s why we employ methods that not only rid your home of termites, but deter them from coming back in the future, making your residence an unwelcome one.

If you’re starting to suspect that you need Newport News termite control experts working on your side, a quick call to Mares Exterminating is all it takes to help you start down the path towards a fast and easy resolution to your problem. Our results are always 100% guaranteed, and our employees are carefully screened and thoroughly background-checked to ensure confidence and safety. Call today, and see why we’re the area’s number one answer to pest control nightmares!