Acaris Company

“We will be a leader in the allergy market by providing creative and innovative solutions for the diagnosis and management of allergies and in so doing provide an improved quality of life for allergy sufferers. Our objective is to achieve a lead position by being the first to provide integrated environmental allergen avoidance and monitoring systems.”

“We will create shareholder value by exploiting our expertise in protease technology, establishing Acaris as a centre of excellence and developing products and services beyond the healthcare market.”

Acaris is a private healthcare company providing innovative solutions for diagnosis, control and avoidance of allergy-related conditions for both healthcare and industrial sectors. Established in September 1999 and located in Cambridge, UK, the Company is developing a pipeline of products for the detection of allergens based on its patented technologies. The ActivAllergy range is designed to monitor and control exposure to indoor allergens. Acaris endorsed its technology and markets by entering into a strategic alliance in October 2002 for development of a new range of products to detect and monitor hazardous biological agents used in industrial environments. The Company’s objective is to establish itself as a leader in providing allergy management solutions to meet global market needs in this growth sector.


A significant number of allergens, whether in indoor or industrial environments, are protease enzymes. Exposure to these allergens can sensitise susceptible individuals to result in allergies like eczema, rhinitis and asthma.

Acaris has developed and patented robust and widely applicable technologies for the detection of protease allergens based on protease enzyme chemistry. This is being used as a platform in a number of allergy-related monitoring and control areas where exposure to allergens presents a health hazard.

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