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Windshield Replacement
Rock Hill, SC

Windshield Replacement in Rock Hill, SCWe offer the best windshield replacement in Rock Hill, SC! Every single windshield replaced by Auto Glass Pro Shop is guaranteed for life not to leak any air or water. We provide OEM quality parts, high strength adhesives and free mobile service so you don't have to wait around at a shop on a replacement.

Auto Glass Repair
Rock Hill, SC

Auto Glass Repair in Rock Hill, SCWe've heard so many different reasons as to why a car window was broken, but no matter what it is we are here for you. Having your vehicle open to the weather is a major problem that needs fixed as soon as possible. Interior damage can quickly cost more than just an auto glass repair in Rock Hill, SC.

Windshield Repair
Rock Hill, SC

Windshield Repair  in Rock Hill, SCIf the damage is still small, a windshield repair is a much more economical option. A unique resin that is color matched to your windshield is injected into the damaged area in order to displace all air pockets and completely fill the break. Normally it takes 15-30 minutes total and is usually fully covered by your insurance.
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Commonly Asked Questions about Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement Charlotte North Carolina
If you’re like most people, you don’t have to replace your vehicle’s windshield too often. Maybe, you’ve never had to replace your windshield, but somehow you’re windshield needs to be replaced. There must be questions that you have rambling around in your head. To help you through the window replacement experience, several questions that are commonly asked about windshield replacement are answered below.
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How Much Does Windshield Replacement Cost?

How much the replacement will cost depends on a few factors. First of all, costs are dependent upon the make, model, and year of the car. In addition to this information, the costs of replacing a windshield depend upon if the replacement glass is original equipment made by the vehicle manufacturer or if the replacement glass is made after an aftermarket manufacture. OEM windshields typically cost more. A final factor in determining the cost of windshield replacement is whether or not the vehicle is brought to the repair shop or is the repair technician.

Basically, windshield replacement can cost from $100- $500. The cost will be higher for higher end vehicles. Also, if the replacement windshield is hard to find , then the price will be higher.

Is Windshield Replacement Covered by My Insurance?

If your windshield is damaged from something other than a collision, then windshield replacement would be covered under comprehensive insurance, if you have it. You need to check to see if your insurance policy covers windshield replacement. Some insurance policies cover the side glass and rear glass, but not the windshield.

When considering whether or not to file a claim, consider the size of your deductible. The cost of replacing the windshield may not be worth the effort of filing a claim, if the insurance company is only going to pay around $50 after the deductible.

How Long Does Replacing a Windshield Take?

Replacing a windshield generally takes about an hour. Then, you need to let the windshield seal take hold. This takes about another hour. You can then drive your car away, but you should wait at least a good 24 hours before getting the windshield wet.

What about Registration Stickers and the Rearview Mirror Attached to the Old Windshield?

Auto glass technicians can remove the stickers and rearview mirror from the old windshield and attach them to the new windshield once it’s in place. You will not have to get a new registration sticker or rearview mirror.

Can My Windshield Be Replaced at My House?

Yes, some auto glass technicians do make house calls. Just be sure that they are certified and not some flight-by-night operation referred to as “tailgaters”. Be sure to research the company that you choose to replace your windshield.

Do I Need to Go to the Dealership to Get My Windshield Replaced?

You’ll only need to go the dealership if this is the only place to find a replacement windshield. When you take your vehicle to a dealership to have the windshield replaced, the dealership generally subcontracts the windshield replacement to an auto glass technician and markup your price.

Safety Is the Top Priority

Yes, windshield replacement can be costly, but the costs are not worth the risk of an inferior replacement. Your safety is the top priority when it comes to windshield replacement. Don’t go for the cheapest technician.

Having the answers to some of these common questions about window replacement will help you make the right choice when choosing a window replacement technician that will not only make your car whole again, but will also keep you safe behind your new windshield.
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