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Windshield Replacement
Mooresville, NC

Windshield Replacement in Mooresville, NCProfessional mobile windshield replacement in Mooresville, NC. Only OEM quality auto glass is ever used on your windshield replacement in combination with a high strength adhesive. Every replacement includes our guarantee that it will not leak air or water for as long as you own it. Get a quote today by calling our office or fill out our quote form.

Auto Glass Repair
Mooresville, NC

Auto Glass Repair in Mooresville, NCAs unfortunate as it is, vandalism, burglary and accidental damage are all to common and leaves your vehicle open and exposed to weather and prying eyes. We do our best to quickly and affordably perform an auto glass repair in Mooresville, NC before matters get worse. We dispatch highly trained mobile technicians to re-secure your car ASAP.

Windshield Repair
Mooresville, NC

Windshield Repair  in Mooresville, NCIf the damage to your windshield is still relatively small a windshield repair in Mooresville, NC would be a better option. If the size of the damage to your glass can be covered by a quarter we can repair it! A repair is much more affordable than its full replacement and you don't have to break the factory seal.
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Repairing or Replacing a Windshield, Which One is Best?

Let's say Johnny was mowing the lawn, and the lawn mower spits out a rock that chips your windshield? Do you have the windshield repaired or replaced? Windshields are costly and very important. Windshields are part of the safety of a vehicle. Having the windshield shatter due to improper repair or replacement can be dangerous. Replacing a windshield when it could have simply been replaced will cost you money. So, how do you know if your windshield needs to be repaired or replaced?
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Cracks and Chips That Can Be Repaired

Not all chips or cracks can be repaired. It really depends upon the size, type, depth, and location of the damage. The repairable size differs between a crack and a chip.
  • Size- A chip that is smaller than a half dollar coin can usually be repaired while a single crack that is no longer than 1 foot can usually be replaced. The rule of thumb used to be that a windshield with a crack longer than a dollar bill should be replaced, but improvements in windshield repair methods have extended the length of a crack that can be repaired.
  • Location- There are two key locations to consider when determining if a crack or chip is repairable. The first of these locations is the driver’s line of sight. If the crack or chip is not directly within the driver’s line of sight, then it can probably be repaired. The other location is along the edges of the windshield. A crack or chip along the edges of the windshield can weaken the seal between the windshield and the frame. If a crack or chip is not on the edges of the windshield, it can probably be repaired, as well.
Another important aspect of windshield damage to consider, when determining whether to repair or replace a windshield, is whether or not the crack or chip is contaminated. Contamination can occur when the crack or chip gets moisture or debris in it. The presence of contamination can hinder the repair process.

What if The Damage Can’t be Repaired?

If the crack or chip is too big or in a bad location, the windshield should be replaced instead of being repaired. This is true for contaminated cracks or chips, as well. Finally, whether or not the chip or crack is solitary should be considered. If the windshield has multiple cracks and chips, the windshield should be replaced.

The Integrity of the Windshield

Whether or not the windshield should be repaired or replaced is important. This decision can affect the integrity of the windshield. Improperly repaired or replaced windshields affect the overall safety of the vehicle and the safety of the passengers within the vehicle.

Who Should Determine Whether or Not a Windshield Should Be Repaired or Replaced?

Because windshields are important facet of the safety of a vehicle, only a qualified professional should make the decision whether or not the windshield should be repaired or replaced. How do you know if an individual is qualified in auto glass repair?
There are several certifying organizations that offer certifications to individuals who meet that organizations standards for certification. One organization is the Auto Glass Safety Council. Another organization is the National Glass Association. When searching for someone to work on your auto glass, look for certifications from these organizations.

A Piece of Glass Brings Peace of Mind

Whether or not your windshield is repaired or replaced, it is important that your windshield is intact. Never be flippant about safety. If your windshield is cracked or chipped, make use of a certified auto glass technician. Get the windshield either repaired or replaced, your safety depends on it.
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