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in Matthews, NC

Windshield Replacement
Matthews, NC

Windshield Replacement in Matthews, NCIf you were searching for an auto glass service that can replace your windshield, you've come to the right place. Mobile windshield replacement in Matthews, NC is our specialty. We use OEM quality glass and we back our workmanship with a lifetime guarantee that it won't leak air or water.

Auto Glass Repair
Matthews, NC

Auto Glass Repair in Matthews, NCWith all the glass on modern vehicles, it's hard to believe there aren't more auto glass repairs needed. Burglary, vandalism, accidental and weather related are all common reasons why a car window repair in Matthews NC might be neccessary. We replace your auto glass and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Windshield Repair
Matthews, NC

Windshield Repair  in Matthews, NCWhen possible, a windshield repair in Matthews NC is the way to go. A proper windshield repair will prevent the crack or damaged area from spreading across the entire windshield. Another perk is the much lower price to repair a windshield rather than replace it.
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The Benefits of Auto Glass Repair in Matthews, NC

Getting a chip or a crack in your windshield is a common problem that car owners have to deal with. Although you may assume that you will have to pay a lot of money to have your windshield replaced, you may simply need to have it repaired. There are different safety concerns to think about when you are debating whether to have your windshield glass repaired or replaced.

Cost of Repairs vs Replacement

If your insurance covers glass coverage, you can know that any replacements or repairs will be entirely covered by your insurance company. If not, it can be far less expensive to get a windshield repair instead of a windshield replacement. You also won’t have to worry about booking an appointment for an auto glass repair as they generally take a half hour or less, in comparison to replacing the entire windshield.
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Windshield Strength Is Important

Your auto glass, whether on your windows or your windshield, is much like any other pane of glass. If there is one crack or chip, it affects the integrity of the entire piece. This is why it is important to repair any damage as soon as possible, otherwise you could be dealing with a larger problem. Neglecting a small amount of damage to your auto glass could turn into a shattered windshield or more cracks. Even with the smallest repair, the integrity of your windshield will be increased ten-fold, making it more resilient than ever before.

Avoiding Legal Issues

In many states, including North Carolina, a damaged windshield or windows can lead to having trouble with police such as a ticket or in the worst cases having your car impounded. If you are able to find a reputable windshield repair or replacement company in Matthews, NC, you won’t have to worry about paying enormous fees to have the problem resolved. This can give you peace of mind while driving your vehicle as you won’t be stopped for any automotive violations that could cost you a substantial amount of money.

Increasing Vehicle Value

If you are interested in selling your car or trading it in for another vehicle, it is important that it looks its best. With a windshield repair or replacement, you will be able to increase the overall value of your vehicle, helping you to get more money to use towards another car. Not to mention that more people will be likely to buy it as they won’t have to repair it on their own dime.
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