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Having Your Windshield Replaced Is The Law!

Having Your Windshield Replaced Is The Law!

July 9, 2014 @ 11:49 am
by autoglassproshop
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Windshield replacement in Charlotte, NC is not simply a cosmetic benefit; you are legally required in North Carolina to maintain the glass in your vehicle in good condition.

“No vehicle shall be operated upon any highway unless the driver’s vision
through any required glass equipment is normal and unobstructed.”

That is why here at Auto Glass Pro Shop we are more than willing to work with you and your budget so your windshield can be replaced as soon as possible.

A problem with your vehicle’s glass is reason enough to be pulled over, meaning the police can pull you over and ticket you just for having a cracked windshield. What’s worse is it doesn’t necessarily have to be a badly damaged for this to happen. Even a simple, thin, long running crack or a rock chip is enough for them to focus in on you and lead to a possible fine. On occasion, the police officers have been known to simply give warnings and let you know that it will repaired or replaced by a certain date to prevent court ordered fines. If you refuse to have the repairs completed you face a fine, or worse,  having your car impounded.

By contacting Auto Glass Pro Shop you can avoid this fate altogether. The sooner you call, the sooner you won’t have to worry about being pulled over and/or fined. A windshield replacement may seem like an expensive option now, but when compared to added fines and the possibility of losing your vehicle, you are much better off going ahead with the replacement. Depending on your insurance’s comprehensive coverage, you may be eligible for a full replacement of your windshield with little to no out-of-pocket expense.

What Can Cause You To Need A Windshield Replacement?

Several different types of things can cause damage to your windshield. The most common and most familiar with most people is a small stone kicked up from another vehicle’s tire or a rock falling off the back of a gravel truck. There is no mistaking the loud CRACK you hear when this happens to you. On occasion the stone may just bounce off the slope of the windshield and not deal any sort of impact damage, but for the most part it usually winds up causing a break.

Frosted WindshieldThere are however, many other factors that can also cause enough damage to a windshield to warrant a full replacement of the glass. Vandalism, hail or an upset spouse/girlfriend are just a few of the ways a windshield can find itself in need of replacement. Most any auto glass company can also testify to the fact that air temperature variances can play a major role in the breakage of a windshield. Suppose you are driving down the road and a small rock pops up and puts a small chip in your windshield, you may think it’s no big deal. Then that night the temperature drops and you wake up the next morning to a two foot long crack! Another scenario that happens sometimes during the winter months in Charlotte, is that some people have made the dire mistake of pouring warm water on their frosted windshield in an attempt to expedite the defrosting process. This simple mistake can be quite costly and can potentially cause the vehicle to be un-drivable due to the severe damage it can cause.

Damage to your windshield can also come from just driving your car a little to carelessly. If your windshield has any small defect, just going over a speed bump a little to fast can sometimes cause a crack to run from the edge of the windshield and splinter up through the glass. No matter what way your windshield is damaged, a call to Auto Glass Pro Shop can fix it right up.

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