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Windshield Replacement Gastonia, NC

Windshield Replacement in Gastonia, NCWe are a top notch mobile windshield replacement service for Gastonia, NC. We will only ever use OEM quality glass and high strength adhesives on your vehicle. Each windshield replacement comes with a Lifetime NO-LEAK Guarantee that protects you in the rare event that the seal leaks air or water. We offer Free No-Obligation auto glass quotes over the phone, call us today.

Auto Glass Repair    Gastonia, NC

Auto Glass Repair in Gastonia NCUnfortunately vandalism, burglary and accidental breakage all to common dangers to the glass and interior of your vehicle. We know how important a secure and weatherproof vehicle is. Rain and moisture can ruin a vehicle's interior and end up costing more than just an auto glass repair. We send our mobile technicians out to you to re-secure your vehicle as soon as possible. 

Windshield Repair    Gastonia, NC

Windshield Repair in Gastonia, NCSometimes a full windshield replacement isn't needed. If the size of the damage to your glass can be covered by a quarter we can repair the existing damage without the need of replacement. Besides being much cheaper than a replacement, a windshield repair also takes less than half the time to complete and is practically invisible. Just $69 will keep that damage from spreading. 
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Top Reasons You Should Let Us Repair or Replace Your Auto Glass

Windshield Replacement Charlotte North Carolina
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There are an endless number of reasons why you don’t want a chip or crack in your windshield, or to live with a broken side window in your car. While the first thought in your mind will be the irritation of the existence of the chip or crack, it isn’t something that you should drive around with for very long. There are some safety hazards in letting a chip or crack go, and there are even a few reasons you may already realize about needing your windshield fixed.

Safety First

While you may not realize it, driving around Gastonia with a chipped or cracked windshield isn’t the safest thing in the world. First, the chip or crack is now a weak spot in your windshield which could completely shatter in the case of an accident rather than helping keep you safe from other flying debris. Another reason to replace or repair your auto glass is due to the distraction that it may cause as you are driving down the road. You cannot tell anyone that the chip on your windshield that happened a day or so ago doesn’t catch your eye and cause you to think about it. Finally it is an obstruction to your vision, you may not think so now as it could be just a tiny chip in the lower left of your windshield, however they do grow and will eventually run right across your field of vision.

Other Reasons For Replacement

If the safety reasons for repairing or replacing your windows doesn’t have you on the phone calling an auto glass repair and replacement shop, then maybe you should consider the cosmetic reasons for getting the crack or chip fixed. Don’t you find it the least bit unsightly as you walk out to your car to see a glimmering crack sparkling in the sunlight? It is also very annoying, whether your car is new or old, driving a car around Gastonia, NC with a cracked windshield is completely aggravating as well as bothersome. And let’s not get started on the embarrassment that you may feel over driving a vehicle that looks the way a car with a cracked windshield does, if it is new people may think you don’t take care of your things, and if it is old it has just been downgraded from classic to rolling pile of junk. The reasons are endless and it is best to at least look into the cost of repairing or replacing your windows before letting it slide.
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