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Windshield Replacement
Concord, NC

Windshield Replacement in Concord, NCWindshield replacements in Gastonia, NC are our specialty. We dispatch our highly skilled auto glass replacement technicians to your home, work or any other location that is convenient for you to repair or replace your glass on site. A Lifetime Warranty against air or water leaks comes with every replacement.

Auto Glass Repair
Concord, NC

Auto Glass Repair in Concord, NCThere are different reasons a vehicle's windows would need replacement. Car burglary, vandalism, accidental and weather are the most common reasons why you might be searching for an auto glass repair. Our technicians will dispatch re-secure your vehicle as soon as possible, usually the same day.

Windshield Repair
Concord, NC

Concord Windshield Repair ServiceNot all damage to your front windshield warrants a full replacement. Small rock chips and craks can normally be repaired, if the total damage will fit under a quarter. A special color matched resin is injected into the damaged area rendering it practically invisible. Our repairs will not fail, we guarantee it!
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Which Auto Glass Part Do You Need?

No matter where you live, or where you drive in Concord, it never fails. You are driving along, minding your own business, when ‘tick’ you hear something hit your windshield. When you have finally reached your destination you may skim over your car wondering what that noise was, and then you learn that something hit your windshield. Depending on what it was or how big it was, you may find a chip missing or in some cases a chip and a decent sized crack. At this point you may swear or groan, either internally or out loud depending on where you are, and in many cases this chip or crack will go unfixed for a while before you finally cave and call someone to repair it or it begins to spread.
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Auto Glass Services

At Auto Glass Pro Shop we offer a variety of different services in Concord, NC to help you get your car back on the road without the huge chunk missing from your windshield. Each of the services offered are performed by experienced, skilled technicians and the quality of workmanship is guaranteed. The first service is front windshield replacement, this is generally what needs to be done if there is a massive crack running the length of your windshield or your windshield is completely broken. Another service offered is the replacement of side and back windows, this job is a little trickier for the technician replacing your auto glass, as once they are finished you should be able to open and close your window without any problems. We also offer windshield repair services for small chips and cracks as long as you call us before the problem gets worse. All of our auto glass replacement and repair services are fully mobile. These services are offered by appointment at your home or work location and we can also send a mobile technician to replace the windows in your vehicle wherever you are currently located.
Nobody likes having a huge crack or chip in their windshield, and Auto Glass Pro Shop in is here to ensure that your window is clear of any obstructions. We suggest calling a few shops in the area and getting a quote before making a final decision on your auto glass replacement provider. Also ask about warranty information for your replacement or repair to ensure if something isn’t right they will cover the repairs needed. All the windshields installed by Auto Glass Pro Shop Concord, NC are guaranteed not to leak air or water for as long as you retain ownership of your vehicle.

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